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Back in 1995, Johnny Moo was Shanghai's first family-run, traditional style malt shop. The cute, cow spotted shop in Gubei filled a void for many home sick foreigners, and quickly developed a loyal following. Over the past years, we developed our menu based on customer preference and new items were added. Soon enough, the burgers at The Moo were being described as "The Best Cheeseburgers in Shanghai" (Shanghai Talk, 1997).  

Today, we're still that same little malt shop with the friendly service and level of quality that the Shanghai community has come to depend on.  With more outlets opening around Shanghai urban and suburban, The Moo remains committed to bringing you great burgers and Shanghai's thickest milkshakes. Our history is a proud one; we remain dedicated to make each and every one who visits Johnny Moo a satisfied and delighted customer.


1.   Nominated as one of the “Best American restaurant” by That’s Shanghai Magazine

2.   Excellent hygiene award given by Shanghai Hygiene Department.

3.   Silver award from World Exposition’s consumer survey.

4.   Voted “most tempting chocolate brownies” by That’s Shanghai Magazine, 2009.

5.   Voted one of the “8 BEST RIBS in Shanghai” by Shanghai Chinese Media, 2014.

6.   Voted as “Best and Most Luxurious Burgers in Shanghai Map” by Shanghai Media in 2015.

We use 100% Choice ground beef. We use fresh mixed greens and crisp leafy lettuce. We use quality smoked bacon and premium cheeses.  We only provide the best!

We love what we do and take your enjoyment personally. Passion is what to expect from us when we take your order, prepare your meal and provide comfortable restaurants that are destinations in themselves. Everyone you meet here is happy you've come, and they're genuinely dedicated to having you visit with us frequently.

Pride makes us a family. This is our home. You are our guest. And we will attend to your dining experience with high degree of care and attention. Our desire to serve you is our secret of being a gracious host. And that's why, at Johnny Moo, we want you to always leave with a smile.