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1. Moo Card is effective for usage upon completion of application procedure.

2. Application of Moo Card requires SAME Name & Personal Particulars as appeared on Identification Card or Passport. Moo Card is non-transferable.

3. Moo Card must be presented BEFORE settlement of payment in order to enjoy member’s privilege.

4. Moo Card can be accepted at four Johnny Moo outlets namely Hongmei, Shanghai Bay, Kerry Parkside and Jingan Crystal Galleria (except Johnny Moo at Takashimaya).

5. Moo Card cannot be used for banquet and delivery.

6. Official Receipt (fapiao) will be issued upon purchase of Moo Card. We will not issue Official Receipt for usage of Moo Card (dining) at Johnny Moo subsequently.

7. We will replace member with new card if the Moo Card is found faulty. If Moo Card is lost, please inform us immediately for card replacement. Personal Identification Card or Passport is required for replacement of Moo Card, replacement fee is RMB 10.

8. To secure member’s interest, please ensure to set your personal identification numbers (PIN) upon application of Moo Card. Moo Card’s transaction account balance will be based on the records in our system.

9. Moo Card is effective 12 months from Date of Purchase. Upon expiry of Moo Card, any amount balance in the Moo Card will not be refunded.

10. Members can choose to purchase card value at RMB 1000, RMB 2000 or RMB 3000. Our company reserved the rights to rectify any errors found (card value and purchase value not matched) during the card issuing process.

11. Our Company (Intefoods Limited) reserved the rights for the explanations of the above Terms & Conditions for issuing, usage and cancellation of Moo Card.

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